The data processing suites feature the very latest in SCIF technology.

The data processing suites feature the very latest in SCIF technology.

Secure data lab

In today’s hyper-connected world, the vast potential to use data to generate insight and understanding is matched only by the need to keep it safe and secure.  

The first facility of its kind in a European city, the £1M Cocidius Secure Data Lab combines state-of-the-art storage for sensitive datasets with the ability to use them to shed light on anything from consumer behaviour to crime patterns.

With rigorous protocols and processes ensuring both digital and physical security, this unique facility offers exciting possibilities in research, enabling commercial and public sector organisations to transform hard data into solid knowledge.


Data has been dubbed ‘the new natural resource’. The challenge is to ensure it can be exploited effectively and creatively while remaining immune from hacking, tampering, theft and corruption. Located deep underground in Central London, the Cocidius Secure Data Lab is more than a match for the task, as confirmed by its accreditation as a Police Assured Secure Facility (PASF).

To protect the data it hosts:

  • The lab has no IT link with the outside world
    To use this completely self-contained facility, clients have to visit the site in person.
  • Stringent controls cover physical entry into the lab
    As well as access to its IT system and the individual datasets it holds. 
  • Every user and staff member undergoes a rigorous vetting and Security Clearance process
    To identify any potential security threats or risks.


Everything we do in the lab is designed to provide total reassurance for the data’s owners. Each hosting arrangement is covered by a comprehensive Service Level Agreement addressing issues such as data protection and sharing.

We provide the software and hardware platform that’s right for each project, plus additional research and technical manpower where required. A key feature is our ability to combine and anonymise datasets, with the owners’ permission, to provide a wider data pool for projects undertaken by the lab.

When considering the Cocidius Secure Data Lab's key strengths and selling-points, words like ‘confidence’ and ‘trust’ are always to the fore. We implement what’s known as the CIA model


C is for Confidentiality and maintaining the highest level of data privacy.


I is for Integrity and the knowledge that data can’t be breached or corrupted.



A is for Access Availability guaranteed, to those authorised to use the data.

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On one level, the lab offers quite a simple proposition - a secure compartmentalised information facility, but an awful lot of sophisticated work is needed behind the scenes to make sure it stays that way.

If you would like to discuss the Cocidius Secure Data Lab and its potential uses for your organisation then please get in touch using the form on this page, or call us on: 020 3422 3411